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TransACT is currently upgrading the existing VDSL1 equipment to VDSL2 equipment within TransACT-cabled medium density units to deliver our customers with higher data speeds.

VDSL2 is the newest and most advanced standard of digital subscriber line (DSL) developed to utilise copper wires from the VDSL2 equipment to the end customer. VDSL2 out-performs TransACT’s existing VDSL1, with increased data speeds over greater distances.

New TransTV customers in VDSL2 ready developments will receive eHub, TransACT’s very own state of the art set-top-box. eHub allows you to pause, rewind and record TransTV’s great range of channels and free-to-air-television. Learn more...

VDSL2 is available in these developments:

The AvenueTurner
The GatewayKingston
Sky PlazaPhillip
Space 2Turner
National ApartmentsBarton
Forum ApartmentsCity
Acton EastCity
City EdgeO'Connor
Glebe Park ApartmentsCity
Oracle ApartmentsBelconnen
The HubBruce
PearlKingston Foreshore
The ApartmentsCity
The ViridianKingston Foreshore

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Plan Phone Broadband Pay TV Monthly fee
Home Pack Zoom (2M/256k) Yes Fast Yes $65
Home Pack Rapid (10M/2M) Yes Very Fast Yes $75
Home Pack 30M (30M/10M) Yes Ultra fast Yes $129.95
TalkWEB Zoom (2M/256k) Yes Fast No $40
TalkWEB Rapid (10M/2M) Yes Very fast No $50
TalkWEB 30M (30M/10M) Yes Ultra fast No $99.95
TalkTV Yes No Yes $69.95
TransTALK Yes No Yes $33.95

Install is free on a 24-month contract or $55 on a 12-month contract. Minimum cost over 12 months for Home Pack Zoom: $835, Home Pack Rapid: $955, Home Pack 30M: $1614.40, TalkWEB Zoom: $535, TalkWEB Rapid: $655, TalkWEB 30M: $1254.40, TalkTV: $894.40 and TransTALK: $462.40.

Combine your home phone and mobile with TransACT’s HomeMOBILE Cap and share the included monthly credit between your home phone and mobile!

HomeMOBILE Home phone Mobile Monthly fee Included credit
Cap 69 Yes Yes $69 $100
Cap 89 Yes Yes $89 $150

Install is $199 (24-month contract) or $299 (12-month contract). Minimum cost over 12 months for Cap 69: $883 and Cap 89: $1,123.

Find out how you can add on broadband and pay tv services to your HomeMOBILE Cap.

Standard Form of Agreement, 6-month minimum contract, install fee of $399 for a 6-month contract or $55 for a 12-month contract and cancellation fees apply. All prices are GST inclusive. For technical reasons not all homes can be connected. Call, ISP and on-demand charges are additional where appropriate. Broadband speeds are maximum theoretical speeds. Actual speeds are likely to be less, and are affected by a number of factors outside TransACT's control including your hardware and software, the source of the download, internet traffic, other services running on the network and your ISP. TransACT Home Pack and TalkWEB promotion available until 30 June 2011 unless withdrawn earlier.

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