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Business broadband


Looking for a reliable broadband connection? Try TransWEB BIZ. If your business regularly accesses information from the internet, and email is a key communication tool, then a high-speed, permanent connection to an internet service provider (ISP) on TransACT’s own network is for you.

TransWEB BIZ plans also deliver point-to-point data services, multiple locations to a single local area network — perfect if you need to link several different locations.

So if your business has high data transfer requirements or you use the internet to stay in touch, TransACT has a broadband plan to suit you.


Reliable and affordable web services for your business.

TransACT's BizWEB broadband service delivers your business reliable and affordable broadband! BizWEB's ultra-fast speeds are perfect for streaming online content, video conferencing and cloud-based applications.

TransACT also offer a wide range of feature-packed and contract-free web hosting services to get you or your business online. Whether you need a simple website or a complex corporate solution, we have a plan to suit every customer.


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