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Last mile services

TransACT can provide all your ACT last mile needs and seamlessly integrate connectivity into a number of national broadband access service providers.

Our customers include telecom carriers, small-to mid-size businesses and large corporations.

Features include:

  • increased security and reliability suitable for even the most mission-critical applications
  • flexibility to meet your business needs regardless of location
  • keystroke upgrades on ethernet services
  • service level agreements (SLAs).

Supported applications include:

  • intranet and extranet
  • VPN aggregation — integrating separate networks into a single virtual private network
  • interconnecting LAN to WAN
  • remote access and secure work-from-home solutions
  • remote office connectivity
  • T1 internet connectivity to multi-site offices and businesses.


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Dark fibre — grey fibre access

TransACT can provide access to our single mode optical fibre network, rate limited ("grey fibre") or unlimited "dark fibre".

Metro fibre ethernet services

Access to TransACT's diverse path and redundant gigabit ethernet backbone. Metro fibre ethernet services provide symmetrical speeds ranging from 5Mbps through to 10Gbps per second (10Gbps available as optical interface only).

TransACT's Ethernet backbone has seven primary metro node sites. The customer's site can be connected as a "primary node" with diverse path fibre access or as a "spoke", with single-path fibre access dependant on the customer's requirements.

Point-to-point fibre ethernet

Discreet fibre ethernet services supplied off dedicated single-mode fibre and separate from the Metro Ethernet ring. Access speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gbps.

SONET, SDH and ATM transmission

TransACT's traditional carrier transmission services offer a quality high-speed, high-bandwidth, flexible service for business-critical applications.

TransACT can provide highly robust diverse and single path solutions for high-end transmission requirements, at 2Mbps, DS-3, STM-1 to STM-4.

Running over TransACT's own extensive single-mode fibre-optic network, our service provides large, high-speed protocol-independent capacity. TransACT SDH meets the business need for high-bandwidth, failure-resistant technologies and conforms with industry standards for SDH, ATM and packet over SONET.


TransACT provides wholesale access to a number of business grade xDSL products. Business grade products are provided across high quality un-contended access via SHDSL (symmetrical DSL services), ADSL (all exchanges enabled with ADSL 2+ DSLAMs) VDSL supplying up to 10 x 1Mbps in an asymmetric format.

VPN supply and aggregation

TransACT can provide VPN services across a number of tail types, including:

  • 2Mbps clear channel
  • ADSL
  • VDSL (at up to 10Mbps)
  • metro ethernet
  • point-to-point ethernet
  • ATM, SDH and SONET aggregation.

TransACT can provide tail agnostic VPN aggregation.

Tier 1 internet access

TransACT supplies an aggregated Tier 1 internet product, TransACT "wholesale IP".

Wholesale IP is purpose designed for ISPs, ASPs, government departments, corporations and data heavy small-to-medium enterprises. It may be supplied at either the TransACT data center or at the customer's site.

TransACT utilises three upstream T1 peers for high reliability and has 100 per cent burstable coverage for any one peer. TransACT wholesale IP is available in un-metered or burstable per Mbps formats.

Use TransACT Wholesale IP for performance and reliability, a multi-homed and un-contended internet product — all at a competitive price.

Features include:

  • a reliable and un-contended T1 feed over the TransACT network
  • multi-homed with 24 x 7 BGP support
  • 100 per cent N+1 burst coverage for upstream peers
  • a full range of supporting services.

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