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TransACT Community Sponsorship program

TransACT Capitals

TransACT is proud to support the local community that supports them as a vibrant and active community benefits everyone.

 TransACT’s first community sponsorship was announced back in 2000, when it teamed up with the Canberra TransACT Capitals who compete in the Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL). The sponsorship has since developed into arguably one of Australia’s leading and most recognised sporting partnerships, delivering excellent benefits to both TransACT and the Capitals.

TransACT’s sponsorship program provides valuable support to schools, community groups and local organisations, by providing services in kind, funding or promotional items to assist with fundraising initiatives.

TransACT sponsors a wide range of organisations in the academic, arts, business, charity, community, environment, health and sporting sectors. If you are interested in being sponsored by TransACT, please review our sponsorship guidelines. Sponsorship proposals can be sent via email to

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