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Sponsorship guidelines

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Every year TransACT receive a number of requests for sponsorship support. However, few of these proposals meet the professional standards required by the prospect.

Proposals that are clear, concise, well researched and presented are likely to stand out, and make it easier for the sponsorship committee to consider your proposal and make a quick decision.

Please carefully consider the following sponsorship guidelines when preparing a sponsorship proposal for TransACT.

Consideration process

Applicants requesting sponsorship from TransACT should read the sponsorship guidelines prior to submitting a sponsorship proposal.

Sponsorship proposals should be mailed to the Sponsorship Manager, TransACT House, PO Box 1006, Civic Square ACT 2608. Proposals can also be emailed to

Sponsorship proposals will be assessed on a case-by-case basis taking into consideration the information presented by the organisation seeking sponsorship in accordance with the sponsorship guidelines.

For more information about the sponsorship guidelines call the Sponsorship Manager on 02 6161 8456.

Sponsorship categories

For your sponsorship proposal to be considered the project must fit into one or more of the following categories.

  • Academic
  • Arts
  • Business
  • Charity/not-for-profit
  • Community
  • Environment
  • Social/health
  • Sporting

Sponsorship type

TransACT offer three forms of sponsorship.

  • Financial — financial payment in return for the benefits associated with the sponsorship.
  • In-kind — goods and services in return for the benefits associated with the sponsorship.
  • Financial and in-kind — a combination of financial support combined with goods and services in return for the benefits associated with the sponsorship.

The benefits of the sponsorship must be negotiated and agreed between both parties.

Sponsorship benefits

TransACT will only consider your proposal if it includes at least eight of the following benefits.

  • Exclusivity
  • Project naming rights or high profile sub-event
  • Logo to be place on all material associated with the project
  • An appropriate link with prospect's brand values
  • On-site display, sales and/or giveaways
  • Provision of content for internet site
  • Right to use footage and/or photographs of the project
  • Access to database information subject to the Privacy Act
  • Promotional opportunities in the media in addition to logo placement
  • Access to celebrities
  • Product placement (using the prospect's product in a meaningful way as part of the event)
  • Right to run our own public relations, advertising or marketing associated with the proposal
  • Ceremonial involvement
  • Access to mailing list or newsletter to deliver information to project members
  • Access to goods and services associated with the sponsorship (at no additional cost)

Sponsorship proposal

The proposal should be well researched, clear and concise, and include the following information. Try to keep your proposal to a maximum of four pages.

  • Cover letter
  • ABN (if your organisation has one)
  • Details about the organisation requesting sponsorship — are you a TransACT customer?
  • Project overview — what, where, when, exposure
  • Audience demographic and projected attendance
  • Goals and objectives of the project
  • Financial composition
  • Benefits (hospitality etc)
  • Promotion — planned advertising, publicity (media releases) and presence opportunities (editorial space in your program, banner across the main street, merchandise etc)
  • How this project fits with prospect's objectives
  • Other project sponsors
  • Evaluation and reporting process (copies of all media coverage, audience attendance etc)
  • Support materials if needed — reviews, media coverage, testimonials


Organisations are automatically disqualified from receiving sponsorship from TransACT if they:

  • are in competition with TransACT
  • are sponsored by a competitor
  • are a registered political party
  • have not honoured past agreements
  • have a bad reputation on the basis of discrimination
  • will not supply relevant financial information about how sponsorship money is to be spent
  • Are an organisation with which sponsorship involvement could be misinterpreted as a bribe or kickback (for example, to influence bidding processes).

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