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Preparing your application

Preparing your application

The main function of an application is to provide sufficient information about your education, work history and experiences so the selection committee can decide whether you should be interviewed for the position.

After short-listing the applicants for interview, the selection committee will assess each candidate's abilities to meet the requirements of the position profile. Your application, therefore, should be an organised information paper written with the needs of the selection committee in mind.

Your application should contain the information outlined below.

Application cover sheet

Complete the application sheet and attach it to the front of your application.


Provide the names and phone numbers of at least two referees, including your current supervisor if possible. Your referees should be able to comment on your previous work performance and your abilities in relation to the position profile.

Education and training

List academic qualifications and training courses in chronological order.

Work experience

List positions you have held, from present to past, giving brief details of the duties. Give more detail on recent and current positions and highlight those duties relevant to the position. A resume is the most acceptable method of providing details relating to your education, training, work experience and referees.

Statement against the position profile

Either in a covering letter or in a separate statement, briefly describe how your particular skills, abilities and work experience suit the position. Address each of the points under the headings of "skills and attributes" and "knowledge, qualifications and experience" provided in the position profile.

The following may be helpful in developing your application.

  • Do be concise.
  • Do organise your application in an easy-to-follow format.
  • Don't provide details about positions/duties performed many years ago that are not relevant.
  • Don't use third or fourth generation photocopies of previous applications.
  • Don't submit a very general application.
  • Don't provide too much detail or a very long application.
  • Don't provide multiple copies or present your application in a binder.

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