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Working with TransACT

Working with TransACT

Equity and diversity

TransACT is committed to the values of equity and diversity as well as a harassment-free work environment. We believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly and with respect. We aim to provide a safe, harmonious workplace, which fosters the achievement of personal and organisational goals, and strives to ensure that the talents and skills of everyone in the organisation are used efficiently and effectively.

Life Guard

TransACT is committed to providing work systems that are safe, healthy and do not harm the environment. To achieve this, we have implemented the Life Guard program. Life Guard is made up of a framework of requirements, policies, standards, guidelines and management practices that enable TransACT to consistently and continuously improve health, safety and environment (HSE) and to ensure legal compliance with HSE legislation.

TransACT's staff incentive scheme

We believe that employee achievement depends on giving our staff sufficient freedom and responsibility to employ their skills, and recognising their achievements.

Staff incentives are linked to the achievement of critical success factors in four specific target areas:

  • financial performance
  • customer retention
  • maintaining customer service standards
  • individual employee performance.

Employee performance awards

TransACT has a long history of rewarding employees for good performance.

Recognition of service excellence, innovation, health, safety, environment, and long and dedicated employment is brought together through the Winning Ways program.

Our Winning Ways program rewards employees:

  • who have been acknowledged by customers and peers as having consistently made a superior contribution to the organisation
  • whose ideas are put into practice, or are considered to have potential for enhancing TransACT's operations
  • who demonstrate a commitment to the Life Guard program.

Study assistance for employees

To ensure that we continue to excel in all areas, TransACT offers a study assistance program that allows employees to engage in studies relating to their profession and, at times, study a new profession in an area where they can be employed within the organisation.

Personal Performance Planning and Development plans (PPPDs)

We like to track our employees' progress and map out their future at TransACT. PPPD plans allow us to give employees an annual performance appraisal, and the opportunity to provide feedback and discussion between the employee and their manager.

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