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Accessing Adultshop on-demand

Every TransTV customer has access to Adultshop on-demand

  1. Go to the TransTV interactive TV menu

    How you get to this menu depends upon the kind of set-top box you have.

    i3 set-top box (silver): press the GREEN button

    Motorola set-top box (black): press the EXIT button

  2. Next, scroll down to the Adultshop link and press OK or press 4 on your keypad to reach the Adultshop main menu.

  3. You will then be required to enter your PIN number. If you are an existing TransTV customer and you haven't received your PIN please contact TransACT on 13 30 61.

  4. Now you can choose the movie you want to watch.

You can browse by title or genre. The price of each movie will be shown on the screen and the charge will be billed to your TransACT account.

Using your remote control

You can use the video control buttons on your remote control to pause, fast forward and rewind your movie.

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