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Combine your home phone and mobile with TransACT’s HomeMOBILE Cap and share the included monthly credit between your home phone and mobile!

Plus never pay home phone line rental and receive FREE local calls from your home phone to other TransACT customers*

HomeMOBILE Cap HomeMOBILE Cap 69 HomeMOBILE Cap 89
Minimum monthly fee $69 $89
Included monthly credit $100 $150
Minimum cost on a 12 month contract (ADSL2+ network) $1,027 $1,267
Minimum cost on a 12 month contract (VDSL network) $1,127 $1,367

Add on TransWEB

TransWEB lets you connect to the internet – no dial-ups, no disconnections, just high-speed access 24/7.

For technical reasons, not all packages are available in all areas. Check our suburb service availability chart, check the availability at your address or call TransACT on 13 30 61 to find out which network is available in your home.

Broadband package TransWEB (2M/256k) TransWEB (20M/1M) TransWEB (2M/256k) TransWEB (8M/450k)
Monthly fee§ $20 $30 $20 $30
Minimum cost on a 12 month contract $240 $360 $240 $360

Broadband speeds are maximum speeds achievable and may be affected by a number of factors outside TransACT’s control including line quality and length from the exchange, hardware and software, the source of the download, internet traffic, other services running on the network and your ISP. As at January 2008, 99% customers receive the maximum speed on the VDSL network and testing on the ADSL2+ network indicates that 99% of customers on the TalkWEB Zoom receive 2Mbps, 6% of customers on the TalkWEB Supersonic receive the maximum speed and 47% of customers receive 8Mbps or more.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

To connect to the internet you must have an account with an ISP on the TransACT network. ISP charges are not included in your monthly fees. See the list of ISPs for more information.

Add on TransTV

TransTV offers you over 50 channels to choose from. When you subscribe to TransTV you automatically receive our Essentials package, offering a massive line-up of over 30 channels including Disney Channel, MTV, National Geographic Channel, ESPN, Cartoon Network, CNN, E! and Vh1.

TransTV package Inclusions Monthly fee (VDSL) Monthly fee (VDSL2) Minimum cost on a 12 month contract
TransTV Essentials package Over 55 digital TV channels and access to on-demand services $27 $37 $324 (VDSL)
$444 (VDSL2)

When you subscribe to TransTV’s Essentials package you will receive the Discovery and Movie packages FREE for the first month^.

Get connected today

Call TransACT on 13 30 61, visit Homeconnect, City Walk, Civic or Westfield Woden or fill out our online application form and we'll call you.

Standard Form of Agreement - VDSL, ADSL2+ and Forde areas and Standard Form of Agreement - TransMOBILE apply. Minimum 12-month contract, connection charges and early cancellation fees apply. All prices are GST inclusive. For technical reasons not all homes can be connected. Not all packages are available in all areas. HomeMOBILE Cap is only available to customers on the VDSL and ADSL2+ networks. TransWEB and TransTV are only available as part of a HomeMOBILE Cap package. TransTV is only available on the VDSL network. HomeMOBILE Cap is available to existing phone and broadband customers upgrading to include a mobile in their package. Existing TalkWEB customers upgrading to the HomeMOBILE Cap must retain their broadband connection as "add on data" under a new contract. HomeMOBILE Cap is not available to TransMOBILE customers under contract or in conjunction with TransMOBILE free 5 minute calls promotion. All call rates are for calls originated in Australia to other Australian numbers. Minimum cost over 12 months for HomeMOBILE Cap 69 is $828.00 or HomeMOBILE Cap 89 is $1,068.00 plus connection fees and call charges in excess of included monthly credit. Handsets are available in conjunction with a HomeMOBILE Cap on a 24-month contract. If you terminate a handset contract early you will be liable for any remaining handset rental instalments owing under your plan in addition to all other remaining service charges. *Free local calls are calls between TransTALK and/or TransBIZ customers but exclude calls to dial-up ISPs. †Minimum monthly fee applies even if full credit value is not used. Minimum monthly fee and call credit are calculated on pro-rata for the first billing cycle. The minimum monthly access fee is active once the first service is connected and charged one month in advance. ‡All unused credit is forfeited and cannot be rolled over. Once monthly credit is reached normal call rates apply. Eligible calls that contribute to monthly credit from your TransTALK home phone include local calls, calls to mobiles and national calls to Australian fixed-line phones and mobiles excluding calls to special services, operator-assisted services, telecard calls, data calls and calls made to the Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands and Norfolk Island. Eligible calls that contribute to monthly credit from your TransMOBILE include voice calls, video calls and text messages to Australian fixed-line phones and mobiles, voicemail calls, MMS and GPRS services that originate in Australia but excluding Third Party Services. §ISP charges are additional. ^Offer available to new TransTV customers. 12-month contract applies to the Discovery package and 6-month contract applies to the Movie package. After the first month the Discovery package is $7.95 per month and the Movie package is $15.95 per month with a package discount of $3.95 per month. Total price when subscribing to both Discovery and Movie packages is $19.95 per month. The package discount will not apply if either the Discovery or Movie package is cancelled. The Discovery and Movie packages can be cancelled at any time during the first month without incurring cancellation fees. Thereafter, cancellation fees apply if either package is cancelled within the contract period.

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