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TransTALK detailed charges

TransTALK Call rates
Line rental Free
Local calls Free local calls to other TransACT fixed-line phone customers*
20¢ per call for all other local calls
National calls, rate per minute 18¢ per minute plus 39¢ connection fee
National calls, capped rate $1.75 for the first hour
$2.50 for the first two hours
Calls to mobiles 37¢ per minute plus 39¢ connection fee
International calls Capped call rate for 25 international destinations plus great per minute rates to all countries
See our international call rates for more information.
Other calls View rates for calls to satellite and other special services
Calls to 190 and other premium service numbers

All rates are GST inclusive and calls are billed at 1-second increments.

TransMOBILE detailed charges

TransMOBILE Call rates
Calls to Australian numbers 40¢ per 30 seconds
Video calls to Australian mobiles 50¢ per 30 seconds
Flagfall call connection fee
(fixed, mobile, video and voicemail calls)
SMS (text message) 25¢ per message
(up to 160 characters)
MMS (multimedia message service) 75¢ per message
Voicemail retrieval 40¢ per 30 seconds
Voicemail deposit Free
National roaming charges View national roaming charges
International call rates View international call rates
International video calls 86¢ per 30 seconds
(17¢ flagfall call connection fee)
TransACT Contact Centre
(13 30 61)
1800 numbers 12¢ per 30 seconds
(no flagfall call connection fee)
1300 and 13 service numbers 15¢ per 30 seconds
(no flagfall call connection fee)
Premium service numbers (for example 190 numbers) Advertised rate + 35%
GPRS 1.5¢ per KB
Premium MMS and SMS rates View premium MMS and SMS rates
Other services View other services

All rates are GST inclusive and calls are billed at 30-second intervals.

*Free local calls are those made to customers on the TransTALK and/or TransBIZ plans. †National calls exclude calls to special services, operator-assisted services, telecard calls, data calls and calls made to Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands and Norfolk Islands. Calls are billed at 1-second increments, 1-second minimum with a 35-cent connection fee. ‡Call rates apply to calls to Australian mobile numbers with 3G compatible handsets. To use 3G services customers will need to have a 3G compatible handset and be in a 3G coverage area.

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