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Billing FAQ

Why is TransACT charging me more on my first account?

The first account you receive includes access charges from the date you were connected. This is in addition to the one-month access charge that you have to pay in advance.

How much do I owe on my account?

You will receive a monthly or quarterly account from TransACT. This details the amounts owing. Please view the Accounts section for more information

Where can I pay my TransACT account?

TransACT offers a wide variety of payment options.  View the pay an account section for more details.

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How do I change the name on an account?

To change your account name we require written notification detailing your account and contact details, and the new account name.

If the new account holder is a direct family member we will also require written notification from them, specifying that they wish to take over the account. This notification should clearly state the type of service and the price.

If the new account owner is not directly related to you, a new Service Application Form must be completed for a new contract.

Until the letter or new Service Application Form is completed, the account will remain in the original name. You can call TransACT on 13 30 61 to check the status of the changeover.

For more information or for a Service Application Form please call TransACT on 13 30 61 and select option one.

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