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Broadband services FAQ

Is TransACT an internet service provider (ISP)?

TransACT is not an ISP. We provide an open broadband network where ISPs may provide high-speed internet access services.

After subscribing to TransACT you need to select one of the ISP's on TransACT's network to provide you with internet access.

Visit the list of ISPs for a list of ISPs available on the TransACT network.

Which computer operating systems does TransACT support?

TransACT offers support for Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and Mac OS 8.6 or higher and OS x.

TransACT does not support Linux.

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What are the system requirements for TransWEB broadband services?

Below are the minimum recommended system requirements for using TransACT's broadband services.

IBM-compatible Pentium2+ or equivalent
Power PC, Powerbook, iMac or iBook (G3 or G4 recommended)
CD ROM drive

Operating Systems
Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Mac OS 8.6 or higher, Mac OS X

Windows 98, - 32MB+
Windows ME,
Windows 2000 - 128MB+, Windows XP

Mac OS 8,9 - 64MB
Mac OS X - 128MB

Hard drive
100MB free space

Network interface
10/100 Mbps Ethernet network interface adaptor with RJ45 connector

A DSL modem is required when accessing TransACT's ULL broadband services.

Please note

  1. These requirements are minimum recommendations only. Other configurations may work successfully on TransACT's network.
  2. TransACT does not support operating systems not listed above.
  3. TransACT does not provide support for multiple computer connections or LAN (Local Area Network) configurations. We recommend that you contact a qualified communications consultant for LAN assistance.
  4. The installation contractor may need to install the PPPoE (Point to Point over Ethernet) software to your computer during installation.

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How fast is a TransWEB broadband connection?

TransWEB offers residential broadband plans up to 20Mbps and business plans up to 10Mbps downstream (from the internet to your system).

Broadband speeds stated on this website and in other marketing material are maximum speeds achievable. Speeds and may be affected by a number of factors outside TransACT's control.

These factors include

  • line quality and length from the exchange
  • hardware and software
  • the source of the download
  • internet traffic
  • other services running on the network and your ISP.

As at January 2008, TransACT testing indicates the following results. TransACT intends on conducting regular testing.

For customers in cabled areas:

  • 99% customers receive the maximum speed

For customers in ADSL-enabled areas:

  • 99% of customers on the TalkWEB Zoom plan receive 2Mbps
  • 6% of customers on the TalkWEB Supersonic plan receive the maximum speed
  • 47% of customers on the TalkWEB Supersonic plan receive 8Mbps or more

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Does TransACT provide web hosting services?

TransACT only provides web hosting services to corporate clients. This service is not available to residential customers.

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Does TransACT provide domain name services?

TransACT only offers domain name hosting for corporate clients. This service is not available to residential customers.

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Is TransWEB broadband faster than a regular dial-up connection?

TransWEB broadband connection is significantly faster than a dial-up modem connection.

A standard 56k modem provides internet access speeds at a maximum of 56kbps.

TransACT's network allows for speeds of more than seven times the speed of a dial-up connection. TransACT offers a range of TransWEB packages with speeds ranging from 1Mbps to supersonic speeds of 20Mbps.

For more information on our residential plans review the broadband plans in our For Home section.

For more information on our business plans review the broadband plans in our For Business section.

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Is TransWEB broadband as fast as other broadband technologies?

Yes. TransACT's network is at least as fast as other commercially available broadband technologies in Australia.

Where TransACT supplies Fibre-to-the-curb, the network supports simultaneous broadband internet and subscription TV access. This service cannot be offered by ADSL-based broadband services.

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Do I need a DSL modem?

If you use TransACT's ULL services you will require a DSL modem to connect to our broadband services.

If you live in a TransACT cabled area, you will not require a DSL modem as TransACT supplies a modem.

If you are unclear on whether you may require a DSL modem, please call 13 30 61.

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If I already own a DSL modem can I use it to access TransACT?

If you are accessing TransACT using a ULL connection, you can use a pre-owned DSL modem.

TransACT is only able to provide support to DSL modems that are supplied by TransACT.

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Am I eligible for TransACT's self installation package?

TransACT offers a self installation package on the ADSL2+ network. Installing your own modem means that you won’t be inconvenienced by a technician that would normally have to come to your home to install it for you. The self installation user guide takes you through the steps of installing your modem and connecting to the internet.

In order to be eligible you must have an active fixed-line phone service in your home. If you have a back-to-base alarm or medical alert device connected to your phone line then you will need a technician to install your modem as problems may occur with your existing alarm or medical device.

In order for your self install to be successful it is assumed that your house wiring is in good working order and that it will be able to carry the phone and broadband services. TransACT does not accept any responsibility for defective in-house cabling.

Charges may be incurred if a TransACT technician is required to attend your home to check cabling or complete the installation.

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What is ADSL2/2+?

ADSL2/2+ is the next generation of ADSL broadband. It still runs on your copper wire and depending on your equipment and the length of the copper wire from the exchange, ADSL2/2+ can potentially give you up to 200 times faster than dial-up.

The following factors can determine the speed you will achieve

  • Length of the copper wire from the exchange
  • The number of, and type of, other services being used over copper pairs in the same cable by other customers
  • The configuration and line quality of the copper wire pair between the exchange and the customer's premises
  • Electrical interference from outside sources (such as electric motors)
  • The configuration of the copper wiring within the customer's premises
  • The software configuration and application on the customer's computer (in particular how it uses the uplink back to the exchange)
  • The customer's hardware or modem
  • The capacity of, load on, and access data rate of the destination host computer, which the customer is accessing.

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Do I need an ADSL2/2+ compatible modem?

Your current modem may be sufficient for the speed you will achieve depending on the line conditions. If you are achieving speeds of 8Mb on your current ADSL modem, it may be beneficial for you to either upgrade your modem or purchase an ADSL2/2+ modem. Check with your modem supplier if there is an upgrade available.

TransACT provides technical support for the Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem and can be purchased from TransACT.
Upgrade your existing Siemens Speedstream 4200.

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Will I be able to share my internet connection at home amongst Linux, Macintosh and Windows computers?

TransACT only supports one computer per modem or set-top box. TransACT does not support network equipment or provide hardware configuration advice, even if the equipment is provided by TransACT. We recommend that you speak to your ISP or a computer specialist for assistance.

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Where can I get a network card?

Ethernet network cards are available from all good computer retailers.

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Troubleshooting for TransWEB

If you encounter problems connecting to the internet after installation, the following points may help you identify the reason and assist you to get back online as quickly as possible.

If you get a message saying wrong username and password (error 691)

Retype your user name and password. Type in the full username (for example If the problem persists contact your ISP.

If your connection times out or an error message (error 678) appears when you try to connect

For broadband connections via the set-top box

  • Check if your TransTV service is working properly.
  • Check if you can access the menu through your remote control.

If the television service is working fine, contact your ISP.

If TransTV is not working, reboot your set-top box as per the instructions in the TransTV section. If the problem persists, call TransACT on 13 30 61 and select the 'service difficulties' option.

For broadband connections via a DSL modem

  • Check that the DSL modem link light is solid. Reboot the modem if the light is not showing.
  • Check the connectivity between your computer and modem.
  • Make sure all cables are plugged-in and secure.
  • Check that your phone has a dial-tone. If not see Troubleshooting for TransTALK.

If you still have problems connecting

  • Reboot your computer

If you still cannot connect to the internet after speaking to your ISP call TransACT on 13 30 61 and select the 'service difficulties' option.

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