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Mobile services FAQ

What plans are available?

View all our TransMOBILE mobile plans, including CAP Plans, Blackberry, and TransACT's new Endless mobile plans.

How do I set up WAP, GPRS, MMS and Email?

To activate WAP, GRPRS, MMS and Email services please call TransACT on 13 30 61.

To setup your phone to use these services please use the online tool to text the settings to your phone.

For general information, view the TransMOBILE user guide.

Is TransMOBILE available outside the ACT?

TransACT's mobile and mobile broadband services are available nationally providing you with coverage throughout Australia on the Vodafone network.

View the latest Vodafone network coverage.

TransACT relies on information provided by Vodafone for the extent of coverage provided by the Vodafone GSM network. While the highest standards have been applied by Vodafone in preparing these maps, 100 per cent mapping accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, a number of factors beyond Vodafone's reasonable control may cause coverage to vary within a stated area. For example, handset quality or areas of variable reception (e.g. basements, lifts, underground car parks and large concrete buildings) may mean reception is unavailable or subject to interruption. Vodafone reserves the right to change or modify the network schedule and future locations shown on these maps at any time without notice.

Can I use my TransMOBILE SIM overseas?

Yes, international roaming allows you to use your mobile when you are overseas across 90 countries and 200 networks.

To activate international roaming on your TransMOBILE service call the TransACT on 13 30 61. Please note, activation may be subject to credit terms and may take up to five business days.

Can I keep my existing number if I transfer my mobile service to TransMOBILE?

Yes, you can keep your existing number when transferring your mobile service from another provider.

How long will it take to receive the SIM?

You will receive your TransMOBILE SIM via post. It may take up to 2-5 working days.

Alternatively you can pick up your SIM when you connect to TransMOBILE at our Homeconnect or 360° living stores.

What handsets are available?

TransMOBILE offers a great range of mobile handsets to suit any budget and lifestyle. You can purchase the handset outright from one of our Homeconnect or 360° living stores or you can add it to your Cap plan as part of your monthly bill.

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Where can I pick up my new handset?

You can collect your new handset from one of our Homeconnect or 360° living stores.

Are handsets locked to the TransACT network?

Most of the handsets sold by TransACT are unlocked, except for BlackBerry and data cards.

Is my handset under warranty?

Customers who require repairs to their handsets are asked to contact the handset manufacturer directly.

Download information for handset manufacturers.

How do I set up or access voicemail?

Never miss a call again with voicemail. Callers are diverted to your voicemail where they can leave a message. The voicemail service can store up to 20 messages of up to five minutes per message. To access your voicemail dial 121 or 0414 121 121 to access your voicemail from another phone. Download more information regarding your voicemail and call diversion options and other detailed charges.

What services are available with 3G?

3G wireless technology provides customers who have a 3G-compatible handset with a superior mobile internet service providing new ways to communicate with video calls, access to information online and bring a world of entertainment to your mobile.

The expanding Vodafone network coverage is available in the metro areas of Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

What entertainment is available on my mobile?

With TransMOBILE you have access to Vodafone Central where you can enjoy world-class news, sport and entertainment on the go. Personalise your mobile with new pics and tones. Unwind with the latest games. Surf the internet, email your mates or keep up with your favourite social networks.

You only pay for what you download and it's free to browse.

What are premium services?

Premium mobile services or '19' SMS services are information and entertainment services offering a wide range of content that can be accessed from your mobile phone. These services are generally provided by third parties and are charged directly to your TransACT bill.

Can TransMOBILE be included in a TransACT and ActewAGL bundle?

Selected TransMOBILE Cap and SuperCap plans are eligible to include in a TransACT and ActewAGL bundle.

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