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Premium services on your mobile

What are premium services?

Premium services are information and entertainment services offering a wide range of content that can be accessed from your mobile phone. These services are generally provided by third parties, and are charged directly to your TransACT bill.

Premium Voice Services:

  • Psychic and horoscope hotlines
  • Voting lines for TV reality shows
  • Dating and chat lines
  • Exam result hotlines

Premium SMS/MMS Services:

  • SMS voting for TV reality shows
  • SMS jokes and horoscopes
  • SMS news, sports and weather updates
  • MMS music video clips
  • Ringtones, games & wallpapers
  • Text & Win competitions and trivia

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How do I access premium services?

Premium services are advertised in all types of media including television, newspapers, radio, magazines, SMS and scratch cards and on the internet.

Typically you will need to call the number advertised, SMS a phrase or word to a number beginning with '19' or enter your mobile number into a website which is advertising premium services.

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How much do premium services cost?

The cost differs considerably from provider to provider and depends of the type of services you're looking to access. You could be charged anywhere between your standard text message rate and $6.60 per message so it's very important to look at the cost and the pricing model before you sign up.

You can be charged for premium services in several ways:

  • Flat rate – you pay a fixed amount for each call you make, or SMS sent to and/or received from the premium service.
  • Subscription – you pay an ongoing subscription fee with associated charges per week/month or by content etc.
  • Joining fees – in addition to a subscription you may also be charged an additional fee to join.
  • Timed rate – your call will be timed and you are charged at a per minute rate.
  • Data volume – you pay according to how many kilobytes of data you download.

Note: 19 SMS services are more likely than not to be subscription services. Whenever you are buying content using a 19 number - such as a ringtone - you will in all likelihood be signing up to receive more than one and to pay for more than one.

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Who's responsible for the cost?

You, the account holder, are responsible for the cost of any calls made from your mobile, including charged incurred for premium services and calls made by family and friends, even when made without your knowledge.

Premium SMS and MMS charges will show up in the usage charges section of your bill under the heading 'Premium SMS'.

TransACT strongly recommends the use of barring premium SMS and MMS services to restrict all access to '19' numbers if you are concerned about overspending. This will not affect calling or texting other numbers.

There are a number of specific rules that relate to the provision of premium services to ensure that customers are fully informed about the price and content of the services.

Account holders may not be liable for charges when:

  • the service did not comply with the relevant legislation or regulation
  • they resulted from a billing error or fault
  • there was insufficient or no warning that premium rate charges would apply

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How do I unsubscribe from a premium service?

To opt-out or unsubscribe reply to the premium service SMS or MMS you receive with the keyword 'STOP'. You will generally receive a free confirmation SMS confirming that your unsubscribe request has been successful and you should also be removed from their marketing database.

Sending 'STOP' will not subscribe you to any new premium services.

If you have multiple premium services (from various '19' numbers), you'll need to reply back with 'STOP' to each one separately.

If after 24 hours from your unsubscribe request you are still receiving premium SMS or MMS messages, you should contact the contact provider directly. Their customer help desk number should be listed with the premium service SMS or MMS you receive, or can be found by visiting and entering the '19' number you have received messages from. Alternatively, contact TransACT on 13 30 61 for further assistance in finding their details.

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Barring premium services on your mobile

As a TransACT customer you can bar all premium SMS and MMS services for free.

Barring all premium SMS and MMS services means that you won't receive, be charged for, or be able to use these services after barring is activated. There is no charge to activate barring and it will not restrict your access to other services such as regular SMS messaging, or making calls.

To request barring of all premium SMS and MMS services call TransACT on 13 30 61 or log on to our website and fill the online inquiry form with following info: customer mobile number and the date to commence barring of premium services.

Your request to bar premium SMS and MMS services will be actioned within 1 working day of the request being received.

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Premium services tips

Before you opt-in to any service:

  • CHECK what you are actually purchasing.
  • CHECK the cost of the service.
  • CHECK if it is a subscription or one-off.
  • CHECK if your phone is compatible.
  • CHECK the terms and conditions.
  • ASK questions if you are unsure.
  • Keep RECORDS of what you opt-in/opt-out for.
  • Text 'STOP' at any time to cancel.

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Concerned about your use of premium services?

  1. If you have any premium service disputes you should contact the service provider in the first instance. Their contact details can be found at:
  2. If you are unable to resolve your complaint with the content provider, please contact TransACT on 13 30 61 for further assistance.
  3. If we are unable to resolve this matter you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO is an office of last resort for complaints about phone and internet services.

    Freecall – 1800 062 058
    Freefax – 1800 630 614
    TTY – 1800 675 692
    Translator and interpreter service – 13 14 50
    Email –

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