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TransACT services, network and availability FAQ

Can I get TransACT in my area?

To find out if TransACT is available in your area, please complete a suburb search.

Can I get TransACT services in NSW?

TransACT offers broadband internet and phone services in the Queanbeyan area. For more information visit our suburb search.

TransACT also provides fixed-line phone services in selected NSW country regions. For more information visit our TransTALK Flex page. TransMOBILE, TransACT’s mobile phone service is available throughout Australia.

How do I subscribe to TransACT?

You can subscribe to TransACT by calling 13 30 61 or at the ActewAGL Home Connect Store, located in Canberra City, next to the merry-go-round.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. All customers are required to sign a contract in order to access TransACT services.

TransACT offers 6-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts.

Refer to our home packages and business plans for more information.

Do I need a phone line to connect to TransACT?

If you live in a TransACT-cabled area, you do not require a phone line to connect to TransACT. TransACT will install the cables required to your home.

To check which area you are in, visit our suburb search page.

If you are unclear on if you will require a phone line to connect to TransACT, please call TransACT on 13 30 61.

Do I have to take TransTALK?

You must sign-up to TransTALK phone services for the majority of TransACT's home and business plans.

However, for the selected business plans below you are not required to sign-up for TransTALK:

TransWEB BIZ 2Mbps
TransWEB BIZ 3Mbps
TransWEB BIZ 5Mbps
TransWEB BIZ 10Mbps

Refer to our home packages and business packages for more information.

Do I have to take TransTV?

You are not required to sign-up to the TransTV service when subscribing to TransACT.

TransACT's plans are structured to make it cost-effective to bundle TransTV with other TransACT services.

Are there packages for home business?

Yes. TransACT offers specific access plans for home businesses.

We suggest that you consider both our home packages and business plans to select the most appropriate package for your home business.

Can I access all my TransACT services at the same time?

Yes, you can use all your TransACT services - TransTALK, TransWEB and TransTV services at the same time.

Is the TransACT network suitable for online gaming?

Yes, the TransACT network is designed to offer low latency or 'ping' rates and is compatible with PC, Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and Xbox Live online gaming systems.

Are Macintosh computers compatible with the TransACT network?

Yes, Macintosh computers using OS 8.1-9.1, X are compatible with the TransACT network.

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Fibre-to-the-home network

What is FTTH?

The fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network is one of the most advanced technologies available in the world and delivers TransACT’s phone, high-speed broadband and subscription television services via one fibre-optic cable. Because the TransACT fibre-optic cable runs directly to your premises it is possible to deliver much faster broadband speeds.

What is the difference between FTTH and the cable network?

The FTTH network takes fibre all the way to your premises. This allows for much greater bandwidth for products like TV and broadband. The cable network has fibre to the node and then broadband quality copper cable to your premises.

Why do the premises connecting FTTH need to be prewired?

Because the fibre runs directly into your premises it is possible to have multiple ports for your phone, broadband and television services. If your home is wired with a structured wiring scheme you will have more flexibility to accommodate a number of ports for various services in the rooms of your choice. For more information about preparing your home for FTTH click here.

Which developments have FTTH?

The TransACT FTTH network is currently available in the new suburb of Forde.

Can I receive digital TV without a TransTV package?

Yes - FTTH offers a digital television product. The existing free-to-air channels are retransmitted through your premises wiring. For full FTTH wiring specifications click here.

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Cable network

What is the cable network?

The cable network is also known as fibre-to-the-node (FTTN), this means the cable network has fibre to the node and then broadband quality copper cable to your premises.

What is the difference between cable and ADSL2+ networks?

The cable network runs entirely on a fibre cable to the node where as the ADSL2+ network utilises a combination of TransACT fibre and existing copper telephone infrastructure. Each network type delivers a fixed-line phone and broadband solution to customers, with the cable network also delivering a subscription TV service. Depending on your requirements and the network available in your suburb, the following is available:

  • Residential homes that have access to the cable network can receive fixed-line phone, broadband speeds of up to 8Mbps and subscription TV.
  • Residential homes that have access to the ADSL2+ network can receive fixed-line phone and broadband speeds of up to 20Mbps.

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ADSL2+ network

What is the ADSL2+ network?

The ADSL2+ network is the next generation of ADSL broadband. It still runs on your copper wire and depending on your equipment and the length of the copper wire from the exchange, ADSL2+ can potentially give you up to 200 times faster speeds than dial-up.

The following factors can determine the speed you will achieve:

  • Length of the copper wire from the exchange.
  • The number of, and type of, other services being used over copper pairs in the same cable by other customers.
  • The configuration and line quality of the copper wire pair between the exchange and the customer's premises.
  • Electrical interference from outside sources (such as electric motors).
  • The configuration of the copper wiring within the customer's premises.
  • The software configuration and application on the customer's computer (in particular how it uses the uplink back to the exchange).
  • The customer's hardware or modem.
  • The capacity of load on, and access data rate of the destination host computer, which the customer is accessing.

Do I need an ADSL2+ compatible modem?

Your current modem may be sufficient for the speed you will achieve depending on the line conditions. If you are achieving speeds of 8Mb on your current ADSL modem, it may be beneficial for you to either upgrade your modem or purchase an ADSL2+ modem. Check with your modem supplier if there is an upgrade available.

TransACT provides technical support for the Siemens Speedstream 4200 modem and can be purchased from TransACT.

Upgrade your existing Siemens Speedstream 4200.

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Skydata network

What is the Skydata network?

TransACT's Skydata network provides a fixed-line phone and broadband service via canopy wireless technology. So rather than an ADSL connection, the service is delivered by a wireless signal that is transmitted from a radio tower to a receiver on the roof top of your home. This service is available to selected customers in Amaroo, Franklin, Gungahlin, Harrison, Ngunnawal, Nicholls, Palmerston, Charnwood and Dunlop who have previously been unable to access an ADSL connection. Click here to find out more about the Skydata service.

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LCS network

What is LCS?

LCS stands for local call resale, it’s a phone only service for customers who are unable to access our FTTH, cable, ADSL2+ or skydata services. The LCS service is a resale agreement, Telstra supplies the service to us and we re-supply the service to you.

Can I transfer TransACT services when I relocate?

Yes, you can transfer your services to your new home or business premise provided that TransACT services are available in the area you are moving to.

To find out if TransACT is available in the area you are moving to, please complete a suburb search.

Can I rent a phone or mobile phone from TransACT?

TransACT doesn't rent fixed-line phone equipment, you can purchase a fixed-line phone from a retail supplier. You are able to purchase a mobile handset, in conjunction with a TransMOBILE Cap plan. View the range of handsets available with TransMOBILE.

Why can't I get TransACT?

TransACT is unable to connect homes and businesses outside of TransACT-networked areas.

There may also be certain premises beyond the network coverage within TransACT-networked areas for a variety of reasons.

In certain circumstances TransACT may have insufficient capacity to provide additional connection services at the quality standards the company delivers.

Call our Customer Care team on 13 30 61 for more information.

How do I cancel my TransACT services?

As specified in TransACT's terms and conditions, you must give one month's notice, either via email, fax or mail, of your intention to disconnect.

Any set-top boxes, remote controls, modems or cables included in the monthly access charge will need to be returned to 470 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson.

TransACT can pick up the set-top box for a charge of $55. If you send the equipment via post, you will need to send it by registered post. If the equipment is lost or damaged it will be the responsibility of the account holder.

It is your responsibility to contact your chosen ISP to cancel your ISP contract when terminating your data service with TransACT.

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