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  Three-Way Calling

Three-Way Calling

With Three-Way Calling you can bring a third person into the conversation. Simply put your first caller on hold, call a second person and then bring your initial caller into the conversation.

Call waiting is automatically disabled during a Three-Way Call.

Calling another person while on a call
Make a call while already on the phone by pressing RECALL/FLASH. You will then hear the acknowledgement tone and you can make your call.
Your first caller is placed on hold.
Begin a Three-Way Call
To recall the person on hold and begin a Three-Way Call press RECALL/FLASH 3.
All parties will now be able to talk to each other.
To suspend a Three-Way Call
To place the second person on hold and talk to the first person, press RECALL/FLASH 2.
The second person will remain on hold until they hang up or are placed in a Three-Way Call.

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