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Business is competitive — every dollar you can save is important. Especially when it comes to ongoing costs like phone services.


TransACT offers both analogue and digital phone services. Across all plans we include:

  • free local calls* to and from other TransACT phone customers
  • competitively priced local, national and international calls.

That's more than 30,000 households and companies in NSW and the ACT who may be able to call your business — free. And you can call them — free.

There's also free features like Caller Number Display, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Three-Way Calling to help your business run more efficiently.

And we offer special discounts to charities and registered not for profit organisations with our Charity Line.

TalkMAIL is a virtual answering machine that will take messages when a call goes unanswered or when you're on another call.

TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER allows you to add up to three additional phone numbers to a TransTALK or TransBIZ 1 phone line.

*Local calls are those made to customers on the TransTALK and/or TransBIZ plans. For customers on the TransBIZ Flex plans, calls to dialup ISPs are excluded. †Availability of free features varies by plan. Please refer to individual plans for complete details.


Get more out of your phone service with TransACT; competitive local, national and international calls all day every day, TransACT have a commercial phone plans to suit your needs.

BizTALK is a commercial grade IP telephony service, suitable for standard handsets, modems, faxes, and key systems that use analogue/POTS lines.

BizTalk ISDN 2 includes two channels and is suitable for telephony and digital line key systems.


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