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Do you need more than one phone number for your business? Don't want to spend the money to install another phone line? TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER could be for you.

With TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER you can add up to three additional phone numbers to your TransBIZ 1 phone line without the cost and hassle of installing new phone cabling*.

Each phone number has a distinctive ring tone, so you can assign tones for different areas or people within your business, allowing you to easily identify who each incoming call is for.

And with FaxNUMBER you can devote one of your three additional phone numbers to your fax machine — with its own ring tone.

And the best part for your business... you'll pay only $5.50 per month for each additional number.

Conditions apply. All prices are GST inclusive. Prices subject to change without notice. *TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER are only available with TransBIZ 1 service. Monthly fee of $5.50 applies.

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