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TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER allows you to add up to three additional phone numbers to a TransTALK or TransBIZ 1 phone line.

TalkNUMBERS is suitable for families and share houses because up to four people can have their own phone number, each with a distinctive ring tone, reducing the need to answer other people's phone calls.

TalkNUMBERS is also valuable for small businesses that cannot justify multiple phone lines due to low call traffic. Note — TalkNUMBERS should not be used when there are high levels of call traffic.

FaxNUMBER is ideal for the small office/home office (SOHO). A separate fax number can be advertised and provisioned to answer fax calls.

Note — TalkNUMBERS and FaxNUMBER does not give you a second phone line. It simply gives you extra phone numbers and only one call is possible at a time.

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