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TransACT's eHUB

eHub is TransTV's high definition set-top-box with PVR (Personal Video Recording) capabilities. eHub allows customers to record TransTV and free-to-air channels. It also gives them the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV as well as record one show while watching another.

eHub supports delivery of high-definition content of up to 1080i/720p with copy protection. At the present time eHub is only available to new customers signing up to a TransACT package that includes TransTV on the fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) and VDSL2 networks. In the near future all existing TransTV subscribers residing in the FTTP and VDSL2 networks areas will be offered the new set-top-box as part of a ‘swap-out' program.

TransACT FTTP network is available to parts of:

  • Forde
  • Crace
  • Bonner
  • Franklin
  • Harrison
  • Flemington Road Corridor

TransACT's VDSL2 network is available at:

  • Landmark, Barton
  • National Apartments, Barton
  • Oracle Apartments, Belconnen
  • Phoenix, Braddon
  • Valonia, Braddon
  • The Hub, Bruce
  • Vantage, Bruce
  • Acton East, City
  • The Apartments, City
  • Forum Apartments, City
  • Glebe Park Apartments, City
  • Metropolitan, City
  • The Gateway, Kingston
  • Pearl, Kingston Foreshore
  • The Viridian, Kingston Foreshore
  • City Edge, O'Connor
  • Sky Plaza, Phillip
  • The Avenue, Turner
  • Monarch, Turner
  • Space, Turner
  • Space 2, Turner

eHub FAQs

Is eHub available?

eHub is currently available to new FTTP and VDSL2 customers.

Will eHub be available to customers outside of TransACT's FTTP and VDSL2 network areas?

Not at this stage. However, with the introduction and roll out of the National Broadband Network (NBN), it is envisaged that TransACT's eHub service would be made available across the ACT.

Can I opt out from having eHub installed with my TransTV service?

eHub is now compulsory to all new TransTV customers on the FTTP and VSL2 networks.

What is the TransTV eHub?

TransACT's eHub is a hybrid high definition set-top-box manufactured by Motorola with PVR (Personal Video Recording) capabilities.

What channels are available with eHub?

All the current free-to-air high definition channels are available with eHub now. Disney and Playhouse Disney channels are not available to customers with an eHub.

What functionality will I receive with eHub?

eHub will enable you to record all the TransTV channels you are currently subscribed to. You will also be able to pause, rewind and fast forward live TV. eHub allows you to record one show while you watch another. You will continue to have access to TransACT's on demand library.

How big is the storage capacity on eHub?

Approximately 60 hours of standard-definition content.

Can I receive digital radio stations?

Not initially, digital radio stations may become available in the future.

Will there be an add-on high definition package in the future?

Yes, TransACT is in negotiation with content providers and we plan to have a high definition offering available soon.

Can I copy recorded programs from eHub into an external storage device?


Can I use a universal remote with eHub?


Can I connect eHub to more than one television?

eHub is designed to be used in a one unit one television system, subject to change.

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Standard Form of Agreement, 12-month minimum contract and installation fees. TransTV is only available to customers in TransACT-cabled and fibre-to-the-premise areas as part of a package. eHub is only available to new customers who sign up to TransTV in TransACT's fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) and VDSL2 networks. For technical reasons not all homes can be connected. TransACT Capital Communications Pty Ltd. TransACT Broadcasting Pty Ltd.

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