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Get the fastest broadband in town installed for free!
TransACT's fibre broadband network is the fastest in town* – enabling you to stream more, interact more, game more and download more at lightning fast speeds. And, installation is free on a 24-month contract.

Best of all you'll save $10 a month when you bundle your broadband and home phone services.

HomeWEB plan (30M/2M) Monthly fee
(5GB peak + 5GB off peak)
$40 per month
(50GB peak + 50GB off peak)
$60 per month
(100GB peak + 100GB off peak)
$80 per month
(200GB peak + 200GB off peak)
$100 per month
(500GB peak + 500GB off peak)
$130 per month

Peak times 7am to 1am and off-peak times 1am to 7am. ‡Min cost over 12 months including $200 install fee for 10GB: $680, 100GB: $920, 200GB: $1,160, 400GB: $1,400 and 1TB: $1,760. Min cost over 24 months (free install) for 10GB: $960, 100GB: $1,440, 200GB: $1,920, 400GB: $2,400 and 1TB: $3,120. Early cancellation fee of $200 applies.

With every broadband plan you'll enjoy

  • Free installation on a 24-month contract
  • No excess usage fees, so you won't get any surprises
  • Free anti-spam email-filtering service to help keep you protected
  • Helpdesk support Monday to Saturday

Upgrade to a premium speed pack and enjoy a lightning fast broadband connection

Speed Pack
60M $15 extra per month
100M $30 extra per month

Downgrade at any time for $20.

Top-up with a Data Block§

Approaching your monthly data allowance? Top-up your account with a Data Block and keep surfing at full speed! Data Blocks are a flexible and affordable way of boosting your monthly data allowance without having to upgrade your plan. Learn more about Data Blocks.

Not sure which plan suits your needs?

Call us on 13 30 61 and we'll help you work it out.

All prices are GST inclusive. All customers must pay by direct debit or credit card.*Fastest broadband speeds can be experienced on TransACT's own hybrid fibre and coaxial network. For technical reasons not all homes can be connected. Broadband speeds may be affected by a number of factors outside TransACT's control including line quality hardware and software, the source of the download, internet traffic and other services running on the network. †Monthly data allowance includes uploads and downloads. Any unused data expires at the end of the billing cycle. Once the monthly data allowance is reached, connection speeds will be limited to 64Kbps/64Kbps until the first day of the next billing cycle, unless the broadband plan is upgraded or a Data Block is purchased. §Data Blocks are only available on HomeWEB, BizWEB and ADSL broadband plans. Once Data Block allowance is reached, connection speed will be limited to 64/64 kbps until the first day of the next billing cycle. Excess data used prior to the purchase of a Data Block will be deducted from the total Data Block allowance. An on-peak Data Block can only be used between 7am and 1am and an off-peak Data Block can only be used between 1am and 7am. If a customer's standard broadband plan does not have a peak/off-peak period then a Data Block can be used during all time periods until the end of the billing cycle.

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