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BizTALK 1 is a commercial grade IP telephony service, suitable for standard handsets, modems, faxes, and key systems that use analogue/POTS lines.

You can save with a great range of rates for local, national and international calls — and you will enjoy a range of features including call forwarding, call waiting, caller number display and three-way calling.

Call rates - BizTALK 1  
Local calls FREE local calls to other TransACT phone customers* - all other local calls at 16c untimed
National calls 12c per minute plus 10c connection fee
Calls to mobiles 33c per minute plus 25c connection fee
International calls  Great call rates to all international destinations and non-roaming mobiles. To view international call rates click here
Other call rates View rates for calls to satellite and other special services click here
Monthly line rental $29.90
Set-up $198

 Total minimum cost over 12-month contract is $556.80 (call charges not included).

Terms and conditions
Standard Form of Agreement and 12-month minimum contract apply. Customers must pay by direct debit or credit card. A $198 standard installation fee applies. Early cancellation fees apply. All prices are GST inclusive. Available under TransACT's active cable and Mildura Wireless network. For technical reasons not all businesses can be connected. BizTALK 1 is only available to business customers. A Customer Service Guarantee waiver is required with BizTALK 1. All equipment deployed to deliver the service remains the property of TransACT. Damaged or unreturned equipment charges may apply. Calls are billed at 1-second increments, 1-second minimum, except for local calls. National calls and calls to mobiles exclude calls to special services, operator-assisted services, telecard calls, data calls and calls made to Christmas Islands, Cocos Islands and Norfolk Islands. *Free local calls are those made to customers on the Chatphone+ and/or BizTALK plans. †Call charges are additional.

BizTALK Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of the product
TransACT's BizTALK product is a PSTN style product that uses the latest technology to deliver voice services to commercial customers. BizTALK works just like a regular phone, however phone calls are routed using IP telephony via a commercial-grade high speed internet connection, using our advanced and proven soft switch. You will hear a dial tone and make phone calls as per any other phone service.

Can I keep my existing phone number?
Yes you can. Please note that it can take up to 20 working days to transfer/port your existing number from your current provider to TransACT. During this period, you will continue to use your service as per normal and you will be notified of the date the service will be transferred from your current provider to TransACT.

What are my payment options?
TransACT issues invoices monthly. The invoice bills you in advance for line rental and in arrears for call costs. TransACT does not charge extra for direct debit customers (credit card or bank account).

In addition to direct debit, a customer can choose to subscribe to TransACT's Business Basics product and receive a 30 day account.

Will I be listed in the White or Yellow Pages?
TransACT will list your contact details in the White Pages to a maximum character length of 40 characters per entry. Should you wish to include additional features, more than 40 characters in your White Pages listing or promote your business through the Yellow Pages, you will need to contact Sensis directly.

What happens in the event of a power failure?
BizTALK customers are provided with an EMTA (Embedded Multimedia Telephone Adaptor) battery backup. This enables continued use of the phone for approximately two hours in the event of a power failure, provided that the backup power in the cable network is able to maintain network operations.

Once the battery backup power has been consumed the BizTALK service will not operate and this means you will not have access to emergency services and 000 services. The service cannot be relied upon if you require the telephone service as a lifeline for a person with a life threatening condition.

TransACT recommends that the battery be replaced every 24 months. Replacement batteries are available from TransACT for a small nominal fee.

Is BizTALK compatible with other business devices?
TransACT's BizTALK service is compatible with most analogue communication devices, including fax, modem, and EFTPOS. We recommend that you confirm with your bank for compatibility of your EFTPOS machine to an IP telephony network. Most major banks have EFTPOS machines that are compatible.

What other network features will I get with BizTALK?
BizTALK supports the following network features:

  • call barring
  • called line identification
  • 3-way chat/call waiting
  • voicemail
  • call forwarding
  • EFTPOS services
  • fax machine

Call barring
Call barring is a facility that can prevent unauthorised access to telephone services, particularly premium services. You can use call barring to manage the use of your phone. To arrange call barring on your phone, please contact our Customer Care team.

Call barring can be applied to the following call types:

  • local calls
  • international numbers
  • national long distance and
  • mobile numbers.

Please note, calls to 19XX numbers are barred for all users and cannot be activated.

Call line identification
Call line identification is a service that displays the caller's telephone number to the recipient of the call. This is a standard free feature with BizTALK.

Outbound caller ID presentation
BizTALK supports outbound caller ID presentation. Please note that by default your called ID is automatically set as ON. Please contact the Customer Service team to change the default.

Alternatively, the caller ID can be blocked per call. Simply dial 1832 before the phone number to override the outbound caller ID.

Call Waiting or 3-way chat
BizTALK can support either call waiting or 3-way chat. By default, call waiting is activated on initial installation of the service. To choose 3-way chat as your feature, please contact the Customer Service team.

Call Waiting
While you are on a call and a second incoming call is received, the phone will beep twice to let you know (Call waiting tone).

To answer the second call while placing the original call on hold, quickly push the switch hook (or press the "call end / call talk" button quickly). You can now talk to the second caller.

To toggle between callers, quickly push the switch hook (or press the "call end / call talk" button quickly).

To call complete a call, simply hang up the phone. After a couple of seconds, the phone will ring again to reconnect the other caller that was on hold.

3-way chat
This feature allows you to create a three party conference style call. You can activate this feature by contacting the Customer Service team.

To create a three party conference call:

  1. dial the first party as per a normal phone call,
  2. put current call on hold by pressing the switch hook quickly (or press the "call end / call talk" button quickly),
  3. dial the second number,
  4. create the conference by pressing the switch hook quickly.
  5. to end the conference call, simply hang up the phone.

When activated (contact the Customer Service Team) the voicemail system will receive busy and unanswered calls. BizTALK will indicate a voicemail message by changing the dial tone to a stutter when a message exists. Alternatively, you can input an email address and the voicemail messages will be emailed to you instead of being stored for pickup on voicemail.

To access voicemail, simply dial 101.

Voicemail setup
If you dial 101 and are greeted with a "Comedian mail... mailbox" prompt, this means voicemail is not active on this line.
Select option 0 and this will take you to your mailbox setup / options menu. From this menu, you are prompted to record various messages and establish your voicemail.

Unavailable message
This message is played if a call is unanswered. For example a business might like to set it to, 'Sorry we can't take your call right now. Please leave a message.'

Busy message
This message is played if the phone line is busy. For example a business might like to set it to, 'Sorry all staff are on calls at the moment. If you would like to leave a message we will return your call as soon as possible.'

Temporary greeting
If you enable this option you will override any stored unavailable or busy messages. This can be useful if you are required to temporarily play a special message and do not want to lose the standard greetings you have already recorded. For example, 'Sorry we are closed for the Queen's Birthday public holiday.'

The 101 menu structure:

0 for mailbox options 2 to change folders 3 for advanced options
1 to record unavailable message 0 for new messages * to return to main menu
2 to record busy message 1 for old messages  
3 to record name 2 for work messages  
4 to record temporary greeting 3 for family messages  
5 to change password 4 for friends messages  
* to return to main menu # to cancel  

Select * for help or # to exit.

Call forwarding
Call forwarding is a telephone service that automatically routes the user's incoming calls to another number.

Call forward - immediate
Incoming calls will be immediately forwarded to the specified number.
This feature is activated by dialing *21 phone number #
This feature is deactivated by dialing *21#

Call forward - busy
If the line is busy incoming calls will be forwarded to the specified number.
This feature is activated by dialing *24 phone number #
This feature is deactivated by dialing *24#

Call forward - no answer
If an incoming call is unanswered, it will be forwarded to the specified number. The default number of seconds before forward is 20.
This feature is activated (with default 20 seconds of ring) by dialing *61 phone number #
This feature is activated (with custom delay e.g. 10 seconds) by dialing *61 phone number * 10 #
This feature is deactivated by dialing *61#

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